Terms of Use & Disclaimers

TERMS OF USE: Screen print transfers purchased from So Darling Screen Prints can be used for personal and small business needs. A heat press is required to use our transfers. A home iron or an Easy press will not work. Transfers must be applied to a finished item before they can be sold. Transfers themselves can not be resold on any ecommerce platform including but not limited to Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, personal websites etc. Recreating, tracing or otherwise copying our transfers is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please contact us with any questions regarding our terms prior to purchasing. You can destash our transfers in Facebook destash groups, but the price must be same or less than what you bought it for from us. Up charging our transfers to sell is strictly prohibited.

We sell screen print transfers only. The shirt mock ups are an example of use only. You may use our photos to sell your finished items using our transfers, but you must watermark the photos. You can cover our watermark up with yours. 

If your order shows a risk of potential fraud vis Shopify’s fraud risk analysis, we will cancel the order and ask you to reorder with a different payment method. Repeat occurrences of risk factors will result in a ban from purchasing. 

In addition, you agree to our Messaging Terms (https://terms.pscr.pt/legal/shop/so-darling-screen-prints/terms_of_service) and Messaging Privacy Policy (https://terms.pscr.pt/legal/shop/so-darling-screen-prints/privacy_policy).

Disclaimer: Actual Colors may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colors differently and everyone sees colors differently.

Trademark Statement: Buyers are responsible for ensuring they are complying with any trademark and copyright protections when using our designs and understanding that you publicly post at your own risk. We are not to be held responsible or liable for any legal implications that may occur to you or your business.