So Darling FAQs

Hello Darling! Thanks for reaching out for assistance! Below are some of our most asked questions & answers :)


I'm having trouble with pressing the prints

Here is a link to our full description of pressing instructions. Please read carefully, there are some troubleshooting tips included there:


What is the current Turnaround time?

Our TAT is in the banner at the top of our website.

Our processing time before an order ships is up to 1-2 business days, (not including weekends/holidays) for orders containing only ready to ship prints

We will email you a confirmation once it ships and that will include tracking information as well.

We do not currently offer any rush shipping options. All orders ship in the order received. 

 - What are business days? 

Business days are only counted Monday - Friday, not including weekends or holidays.

For example: Order placed on a Thursday. Friday is 1st business day, Monday is 2nd business day, Tuesday is the 3rd business day. If there is a federal holiday during that timeframe, add an extra day. 


My package has shipped but I haven't gotten it yet, or my package arrived damaged:

Shipping issues can only be answered by the USPS. We only have the same tracking information you do from USPS. We don't have any additional info about why a package is moving slowly in transit, took an odd detour, or is mis-scanned. The best course of action is calling your local post office to inquire.

Route transit insurance is offered on every order automatically. However, you can opt out of Route before checking out. If you choose to opt out, we wont be able to assist for transit related issues, such as lost or damaged in transit.

If you did purchase Route on your order that you are having transit issues with, you can file a claim with Route here: 

You can file a claim with Route for the following reasons: 

- package is significantly delayed in transit and has not moved or updated in tracking for at least a week

- tracking says delivered but it was not

- package arrived damaged and the prints inside are not usable


Can I cancel, exchange, or combine my orders?

Unfortunately we do not accept cancellations, or exchanges. We also are not able to combine orders if you order more than once and want them shipped together. We will ship each order separately.

However, if you placed an order and want to add some prints onto that order on the SAME DAY, you can message us to add onto your order. In some cases we are shipping same day and we may not be able to accomadate your add-on request. 


How do restocks work?

Restocks are typically on Tuesday, each week. If a print is sold out and we plan on restocking it, we will list a restock date right in the title of the print. 

If it's sold out with no restock date listed, it either is not restocking, or we haven't processed it yet to decide if it is restocking. Please check back

You can sign up for restock alerts on sold out products by clicking on the product and filling out the restock alert email box. You will get an email as soon as that product is back in stock. 

Not every print restocks. If it is not good seller for us, or the trend or season has passed, it will not restock. Full color prints restock far less frequently than single color prints. 


Do you do custom orders?

- No, we do not take custom orders of designs provided by customers.

- We do offer custom order reprints of designs that we have retired and are not restocking. You can purchase reprints here:

After purchase, please send an email to with a pic of the design you need and order #
These are custom made, so turnaround is longer, 10-14 business days