Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns, exchanges, cancellations, or refunds. Please make sure your order is correct before submitting. In the event of a defective print, please contact us within 3 days of receipt to discuss options. If a problem with a transfer is determined to be defective, we will discuss a resolution of a refund or replacement of the defective transfer(s). The resolution decision will be at the discretion of our company. We will only reconcile the issue of the screen print, not any 3rd party items the screen print may have been pressed on, such as a tshirt. We will not refund or replace due to user error. If package/screens are lost or damaged during shipping transit, file a claim with Route. If route was not purchased, we will not refund or replace screens with issues related to shipping. 


We ship via USPS. Each order will receive a tracking number. You can also log into your account on this site to check order status.

Ready to ship prints will ship within the turnaround timeframe stated Turnaround Time Info page on the website. Pre-sale screen prints will specify shipping timeframes, typically about 10 business days after closing date. If you purchase RTS screens in the same transaction as pre orders, none will ship until the preorder TAT.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they are providing accurate shipping information when purchasing. If the address gives a postal error prior to shipping, due to lack of address information provided by customer, we will cancel the order. Unfortunately, we simply don't have time to track down customers to get a proper address.

Refunds will NOT be given in the event that a customer provides incorrect shipping address info, or for claims of not receiving package when tracking says delivered. Any issues with delivery need to be addressed to your local post office. If you opt out of the Route insurance, you are assuming any responsibility for issues in transit. If your order is returned to us due to incorrect address, not claimed, no forwarding address, etc. you will be refunded for the price of products, but not the price of shipping. Your order is cancelled at that point, we will not resend the package. 

 We do not offer combining orders when multiple orders are placed. 

Route transit insurance is auto added to every order. You can manually remove it from you order if you choose, but you would be opting out from package protection should your order be lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. If you choose to opt out of Route transit insurance, you are choosing to take the loss if you packing is lost stolen or damaged in transit. We cannot and will not reconcile any transit issues if you choose to opt out of Route at the time of purchase.